Application for Corporate Patron Membership

Please enroll us a Corporate Patron Member of the Trivandrum Management Association. We agree with the aims and obiectives of the Association and shall abide by its rules and regulations.

Brief details of 0rganisation seeking Corporate Patron Membership.

Contact Info
No. of Employees
Name & Designation of representatives who will attend TMA Meetings (Max 4 members).
General Guidelines for Admission

Fee Applicable:

Type of Membership Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Corporate Patron 1,00,000/- Nil

Cheques/D.D be made payable to "Trivandrum Management Association" at Trivandrum.

Corporate Membership can have 4 members at any point of time who can attend TMA activities' .These names can be changed every year.

Information submitted against Sl .No.3 to 6 of page 1 of the application shall relate to the immediate previous financial Year.

Of the two TMA Members who propose and second the application, one has to be a sitting member of the Managing Committee.

authorized signatory
If you wish to be a member, Please download the attached application form. You are kindly requested to duly fill the form and send it to our email id, along with the payment receipt. The fee to be paid is mentioned in the respective application form