Management Committee 2018-19

Mr. P C Harikesh

(Project Director at KSIDC Ltd.) as President

Mr. G. Unnikrishnan

(General Manager, KSIDC Ltd), as Sr. Vice President

Mr. H. Vinod FCA

(Chartered Accountant, H. Vinod & Associates) , Vice-President

Mr.Mahesh L.S.

(Manager, KSWDC Ltd) as Hon’ Secretary

Mr. Sunil Kumar. A

(General Manager, KIIFB) and Wg. Cmdr(Retd) as Jt. Secretary

Ragashree D. Nair

(Managing Director & CEO, Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd) as Jt. Secretary

Mr. B. Sasi

( Group Manager, KIMS Health care Management) as Treasurer

Sri. Rajesh Jha

Corporate Patron (MD & CEO Adani Vizhinjam Port Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Suresh Kumar. B.

Individual Patron (Electrical Inspector Chief Electrical Inspectorate)

Mr. R A D. Pillai

AIMA Category (Former Director - VSSC)

Mr. Sivarama Krishnan.E.

(Director Luker Electric Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Vinod. S.S

(Project Director, Small Satellite Launch Vehicle(SSLV), Project, VSSC, ISRO)

Mr. K.S. Dileep Kumar

(Chief Manager, State Bank of India)

Mr. R. Rajesh

(Managing Partner, Mansions)

Mr. Babu C.U

(Senior Consultant National Building Construction Corporation Ltd)

Mr. Sreekanth P. Krishnan

(Management Consultant)

Mr. R. G. Nair.

(Colonel (Retd.) Indian Army)

Ms. Jancy Jose

(Director Strava Technologies Pvt.Ltd)

Mr. Unnikrishnan. G

(Director Metro Corp Trading Co. )

Mr. Gopalakrishnan. G.

(Colonel (Retd.) Indian Army)

Mr. S. Ramnath

Immediate Past President (Chief Executive Officer Carnival Group)

CS. Jayashree C.O.

Immediate Past Secretary (Practising Company Secretary)

CA. Suresh Mohan. R

Past President Council (Managing Partner Mohan & Mohan Associates)


Past President Council (Chairman, A.S Care Homes )

Mr. E.M. Najeeb

Past President Council (Chairman & Managing Director Air Travel Enterprises India Ltd.)

Dr. M.I. Sahadulla

Past President Council (Chairman & Managing Director., KIMS Healthcare Management)

Mr. Suresh Babu A.S.

Past President Council (Director, Innovation Endeavors India Pvt. Ltd)

Mr. C.K. Jayachandran

Co-opted Member (Director, Kerala Press Service Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. M.R Subramonian

Co-opted Member (Managing Director, Adtech Systems Ltd)

Mr. Nahas. N

Co-opted Member (Managing Director, Savepharma)

Mr. Anal Padmanabhan

Co-opted Member (Head - Finance English Indian Clays Ltd.)

Mr. Raghuchandran Nair S.N.

Co-opted Member (Managing Director SI Property Pvt Ltd)

Dr. Babu Thomas

Special Invitee (Managing Director Horticorp, Poojapura)

Mr. C. Padmakumar

Special Invitee (Chairman & Managing Director Terumo Penpol Pvt. Ltd)

Mr. N. Sasidharan Nair

Special Invitee (Chairman ODEPC)